The day that changed my life

In Seven days God created the world and in seven seconds I shattered mine.This famous dialogue from Will Smith`s 2008 movie “Seven Pounds ” keeps revisiting me, again and again, every time I try to remember what happened on that dreadful Friday noon.

I was just beginning to explore life in my young care free teen years.It was a beautiful month of December, beautiful in the sense that our winter holidays were just around the corner.(it was not at all beautiful in terms of weather, in fact, it was cold and harsh).We were playing some weird game that I don’t remember in the classroom.Yes, you guessed it right, it was a lunch break.Everything in my life was perfect till then, I had good friends to play with, good books to read, good home-made food to eat.But then that fateful moment had to come that changed my life forever.May be it was written in the destiny, may be they did not want me in the school, may be I had committed some sin in my past life.My friends and I were enjoying our break time,frolicking around carelessly,When suddenly a little monster (one of my class mate) pushed me to the floor and I got hit on the head by the sharpest edge of the elevated platform of the floor(i still don’t understand why they make elevated platform for teacher’s table in government school),I wish I could sue the school for such illogical dangerous design.Upon getting hit on my head, I cried like I had never before.The next thing I remember was that I was in a room full of teachers and one stranger.My beloved teachers were asking me to identify that stranger, Now for someone who had been hit on the head as badly as I had, to ask questions that will involve using my head was senseless, cruel and funny.I expected myself in the hospital at that time.I was wondering where is the humanity in this world? I was simply gazing at everyone and that stranger with a blank face.After few minutes of torturous interrogation, teachers came to the conclusion that I had lost my memory because that stranger was my sister who was studying in the same school.Now the blood from the head had spread to my entire body and these callous teachers were busying playing guessing game.So I decided that the only way to save my life was to cry out as loudly as I could, Finally, the teachers realized that if they keep on performing their idiosyncrasies, they will lose one precious student in next few seconds.So my sister picks me up in her laps and ran towards the nearby hospital along with callous teachers following from behind.Let me tell you honestly, at that moment I felt as if I was almost dead.As we reached the hospital, we found that doctors are gone for a lunch break(from that day I started hating lunch break), only one nurse was available, she seemed like an angel who could save my life.She took me to stitching room and without giving me anesthesia started stitching the back of my head the same way my mother used to sew my sweater, I was writhing in pain, crying in anguish, but she went on sewing my head callously.Finally, she stopped, by then I had become comfortably numb.But finally I was relieved that all my agony and pain was over and I was still breathing and was able to recognize my sister, so thankfully I had not lost my memory.

This funny yet life threatening incident taught me the value of life.


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