conversationThis topic has intrigued me for a long time so i finally decided to write something on it to understand it better.Conversation forms an integral part of human life but do we really pay attention to it.Are the quality of our conversations even worth mentioning?

Majority of our conversations in daily life revolve around trivial issues.Very rarely have I seen someone having a meaningful conversation.In India when i hear people conversing it is almost always on topics like politics,marriage,office and neighbourhood gossip.I am astounded by the fact that why we dont have better stories to tell,better ideas to discuss.It is rightly said you are what you speak.So conversation can be a way to judge a person.Do you want to know a person ?Just observe what topics he converses on everyday,you will get to know that person inside out.You dont need to be a psychologist or a telepathist,simply observe the conversation.

So what drives a conversation?It is the idea or opinion that a person wishes to share with others.Conversation forms a vital part in our life.In fact every moment of our life is filled with conversation either with one self or with other sapiens.It is so vital that it has the potential to make or break our lives..Right kind of conversation with the right people can take you to places.Conversation with someone could either light up your day or dampen your spirits.So its important to keep the right company.So how do we improve our day to day conversations.If you are a voracious reader on various subjects and enthusiastic traveller and explorer of human cultures ,history and behaviour,your quality of conversation will be far above mediocrity level.

Recently on a trip to beautiful Hills of Munnar in Kerala,I met a man named John Paul.I stayed at his accommodation for two days.Here I found out what effect a good honest conversation with a noble man can have on your life.This man is running a business of accommodation and he truly treats his customers in a royal way.The care he showed during my stay at his house was genuine,kind hearted and incredibly compassionate.We had some really meaningful conversations even though i could not understand his language (malayalam) ;Though he spoke some broken english and he truly spoke from his heart so language was not a barrier in any way.We talked about life in general,his family and his experiences with previous customers.He said that he was delighted to meet me and i believed he meant it and said it not to please me.Real people excite me more than fake “so called” charming people.The real charm is in being authentic,when what you say is what you mean.Real honest conversation truly reach our soul and has a profound impact on our lives.It can give you a new perspective of life.

Conversation is such a vital aspect of our life but we rarely give it the attention it needs.It is like a fodder to your gray matter,better the quality of your conversation more is the growth of our intellect.Learning how to converse is an art that needs to learnt.Especially in my country where conversation almost always takes the shape of a gossip.So we need to question our interaction with our fellow sapiens and make a conscious effort to improve the quality of our conversation to make this world a better place to live in.Lets put an honest effort in improve our interaction because it has far reaching impact on this world.


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