Where is this world heading to?

Every time I switch on my idiot box to listen to news I hear stories of murder,rape,suicide ,theft and violence and many more darker forms of human atrocities.This has made me ponder on why is this happening all the time.Why is there so much suffering all around?Now a days I have stopped watching new channels altogether so that i can remain in a positive state of mind.But ignoring what is happening around you cannot be the solution.This got me thinking that is there a way we can solve this problem of crime and violence.

Education is one of the ways we can solve this problem.By education I dont mean the ones we get in schools,but real education that involves developing the mind in such a way that we can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.Now the question arises that where do we get this education and can we educate( in real sense) our 1.2 billion vast population.This kind of education is not taught in schools although we have a subject called value education in school that is given the least attention by teachers.So the question arises that how can we inculcate values in our children.For children its easy if each school truly teaches the essence of value education which is in fact the real education.Teaching meditation and yoga in schools and colleges can definitely be step in the right direction.But unfortunately this country is in dire needs of some great teachers like Gandhi ,Dr. Kalam who can be the guiding souls to the youth.We need a complete shift in perspective to make this dream a reality.For this our leader need to step up and create an environment that can impart “real” education where every one actually learns with a purpose to develop their mind.I was truly impressed by the vision of our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi who insists on yoga being an integral part of our curriculum.But each one of us needs to realize and take action individually to create a peaceful environment in this country.

Imparting value education and yoga to students across the country is one step towards reducing crime rates and communal violence.But the question is how can this be practically implemented in our daily lives.For children its easy, we can include it their curriculum and the unformed innocent minds will easily pick it up in no time but the difficult part is to convince adults to include it in their daily habits(I mean Yoga and meditation).If we truly understand and practice yoga in its right spirit,it wont be long before peace will be restored in our country.True essence of yoga means that your mind,body and soul are in perfect harmony .If we these three  are in perfect union then you can’t think of doing harm to anyone.So it basically changes the perception of your life in ways you cant even imagine.Starting Yoga or meditation is indeed not easy and requires immense discipline and will power,but once you start getting the results,the habit will set in that eventually transform your life.

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