The Day I met Tony

The first time I heard his voice over the phone ,I knew there was something different about him.He didnt sound like a normal guy you talk to.I reached the venue of my friend`s marriage at 7:30 in the evening.Yes, I met him at the entrance ;a well built 6 feet 3 inches handsome charismatic man exuding energies in abundance(in fact more than that was needed).To say he was charismatic or enthusiastic would be an understatement.He introduced himself as the proud brother of her sister.With a large smile he greeted me and welcomed me like a perfect host.Yes he was the host and he made sure I understand that fact.I have never seen so much confidence,energy and enthusiasm in a man till that time. Tony was different.After literally breaking my fast with a heavy but sumptuous delicacies,I just got up from the table happy and satisfied when I saw that huge smile again.There he was again,requesting me to taste few more desserts.I was full but you can’t say no to Tony.Try at your own risk. That`s what he meant when he said “lafdaa ho jaaega”.So reluctantly I started having some bites of cheesecakes ,until he demanded again to fully relish the sweets.I knew there must be some connection with him in my past birth.Why else would someone whom you have never met go all the way insisting you have every bite of the  extra cherry.

Finally I after having breakfast for two hours,I got up to breathe.I had never eaten so much in my life.Tony was crazy but he was kind too.He gave me beautiful fully furnished clean room to sleep for few hours.But I had other ideas.I decided that I should breathe more(not that I was feeling suffocated here).I repeat Tony was kind.He gave me a car and a driver to explore his city in hot weather.Sorry I forgot to tell you that I wasn`t alone .I had come with a group of seven.Tony gave us a six seater to roam carelessly .I wont be describing the details of that journey here because Tony is too important to ignore.He is someone who craves limelight.But I repeat Tony was kind.After we cameback from the trip at 4  in the evening.We went to meet our soon to be hitched friend “Honey” as they call him here in the city.He was fully drenched in haldi in a room of full of women.So we left him alone to proceed towards our Room.There we found Tony again,just outside the room as if waiting for us.He enquired politely if we had lunch,we apologetically  and collectively said “no”.But we were genuinely not hungry(we had 2 hours breakfast).He was angry with us for skipping lunch,he had ordered 150 plates and 7 guests simply refused to eat.But he insisted us on having lunch and sent us to the dining room.What followed next was even more embarrassing.Almost everything edible was over,we somehow managed to put enough food on a plate for seven of us to eat.And he entered again ,checking us if we are having lunch comfortably.Seeing seven of us eating on a single plate simply shocked him.He apologised for the inconvenience that was never caused.He said again in his unabashed exuberant voice”Iam really sorry,but lunch time was only till 3:30 but I can still arrange some snacks for you in an hour”.Now there are hosts who care and there is Tony,it was as if he has adopted us.Even my mother doesnt care about me so much.He was an angel I would rather skip.Sometimes too much care can turn scary and creepy.But Tony was kind.And if you are thinking what happened at Dinner ,Of course we were on time and tasted every cuisine on the offering and collectively blessed Tony.

There are several lessons I learned from that great Man Tony.He was not afraid to express himself fully.He was full of energy during the entire function,as I said “a proud brother of her lovely sister”.He was assertive,unapolegtic,too hot to handle yet kind and indeed a perfect host.I repeat Tony was kind.


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