Australia is Fascinating yet Weird

There are places that mesmerize you,some astonish you but only few truly own you,Sydney is one of them.As I landed in this beautiful city on 10th february,all my tiredness courtesy of jet lag simply vanished,as if there was some magic in the air.I was bedazzled by clean yet elegant sky,crisp oxygen purifying my lungs.I realised I have arrived.

Sydney is an amazing city, but having spent over 2 weeks in this land of wildlife and adventure,I discovered many behaviours and cultures that were weird.

First,their people.Australians are believed to be rude and arrogant but they are surprisingly nice and almost all of them are fitness freaks.No matter what time of the day it is ,early morning 6 am or midnight,you will see Australians of all age groups either running,swimming,skating or simply surfing.This led me to a question?When do they actually work?.The fact is they never do.For less creative boring repetitive jobs,they have hired Indians and South East Asians.Not a surprise at all,considering Indians are the most hard working folks in the world.No prizes for guessing who owns majority of the restaurant business in the city,of course Chinese.

Second weird observation is about gambling.I found out that gambling is legal in the city and even tax free,no wonder they don`t work here.Every Weekend city folks march their way to the gambling centre like we Indians visit Malls and Theatres. Just out of curiousity,one day I also decided to visit this place to witness the circus.There are three kinds of gamblers you see in the Casino.First there are naive ones like me, their intention is just to get high from gambling,they run away immediately after losing their first 100 dollars.Then there are fools who keep on playing till they lose it all and finally there are legends.They play with a paper in hand,scribbling all kinds of probablity stuffs like harvard graduates and show intense emotion with each dollar won or lost.I don`t know if they ever leave the casino.So almost everyone loses at this betting centre except the owner of the Casino.I was not surprised when I found out who the owner was.of course Chinese.

Third weird observation is about the creatures that fly.Yes I am talking about birds. Surprisingly Birds don`t fly in the city.The maximum height they manage is 1-2 feet and when they come to ground ,they prefer to hover around humans.I remember a strange incident that happened with me while having lunch in an open restaurant.I ordered an original Italian Pizza prepared by a Chinese man.Just when I started to relish the bites,I saw a bird with long beaks attempting to fly,it eventually sat on my table.I looked at her and she looked at me.The next moment what happened literally threw me off my chair,she gobbled 2 slices of my original margherita within seconds.Birds love pizza?I was shocked.Thankfully the restaurant guy gave me a whole new pizza to eat,city folks are kind.

Fourth Weird Observation is about our own folks.Yes Indians in Australia.Surprisingly they follow traffic rules here in the city.Trust me Sydney traffic rules are really complicated and strict and we Indians are joyfully following it,because no one wants to donate their hard earned dollars to Australians.Remember, Indians are hardworking but they are smart too.

Fifth Weird Observation is about the language.They call it Australian English.I call it Greek and Latin.Their language is too sweet but too fast and too slang for me to understand even a word of it.I tried everytime;I failed everytime, At restaurants,parks,musuems and beaches.It was difficult as well as embarrassing to order a coffee,ask for directions and even give a compliment to someone.But one thing always works  when nothing goes your way:say it with a smile,Australians acknowledge and appreciate that you are kind.

While there were many other weird observations and cultures that I stumbled upon during my stay in this beautiful Island Continent of Kangaroos.There is one important lesson I learnt which is not so weird but pretty simple.Human nature is same everywhere.If you are kind ,you will be reciprocated in similar ways.Language is just a means.

I would like to end this stupid article in the words of Charles Schulz,a famous cartoonist from America

“Stop worrying about the world ending today, It’s already tomorrow in Australia”

6 thoughts on “Australia is Fascinating yet Weird

  1. Hey, Shailesh, I loved the article. Although I’ve never been there, reading through the article felt almost like being there. The tiny little details especially with the perspective of an Indian, made it so very relatable ; also now I know birds looove pizza, haha… Keep writing, looking forward to read more from you 🙂


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