My Struggle behind Steering Wheel

I have always struggled with two things in my life-Waking up early and driving a car.How many of you know how to drive a car?Easy Right? Well not for me.Here is my story rather struggle behind Steering Wheel.

I was in the second year of my college.In summer holidays, while my friends were doing fancy technical courses and internships, I decided that I will do something cool.I joined a driving school.The first car I drove was least fancy yet most popular among Middle class in 90`s.Can you guess which one?, Maruti 800 dark blue color.After 20 days of uneventful learning at the school.I was finally ready to give the test.

Incident 1:Driving test: All excited for the big day, I wore my lucky blue color T shirt.First, I had a test of road signs.I don’t know why they take that, I am just a naive driver, I am not dumb.I understand directions.I nailed the test without blinking an eye.I was beaming with confidence until I saw the car I had to drive.Maruti Swift.I was shocked, it was not the car I practiced on for 20 days.In fact, I wasn’t even sure I practiced on any car, as my instructor was always busy playing with his duplicate controls.I was scared.I sat inside the car, put on my seat belt.Now the test was pretty simple.Start the car and reverse it.Easy right.Well not for me.I failed.Not once but many times to start the car until they asked me to stop.Dejected, I got out of the devil car.Just when I was about to cry, my hope rose again when I heard my instructor said:”Don’t worry, you will get the license in a week”.I was shocked,” why? I mean How?”.But then I remembered the extra 1000 that I paid him.I wasn’t lucky, I just paid the right amount.I never told this story at home, instead, I made up some romantic story of how engine fell in love with me the moment I started the ignition and how I passed with flying colors.

Incident 2: My experiment with my sister : As promised, I got my license in a week.I was excited to start driving officially.To test my driving, I chose my sister as my first victim, sorry passenger.Of course, younger one as elder ones can’t be fooled.I took my Dad`s old Maruti 800 to drop my sister off at a nearby station.I was beaming with confidence again giving her instructions to fasten seat belt, just as a precautionary measure.The poor girl little did she knew what lied ahead of her.I started smoothly,1st gear and I am off.2nd,3rd and 4th and suddenly I am flying.There is one interesting feature in this old beast, brakes don’t exactly help stop the car.I was driving at 80 on a straight road.I looked happy and relaxed, my sister didn’t.”Don’t you slow down at speed breakers”, she asked.”I love acceleration” I said.When suddenly we reach a circle with a bus coming from opposite direction.My brakes were not exactly working so I trusted my accelerator, took a sudden sharp turn to cross the circle.My sister was relieved to finally reach station alive.Next morning, she switched to the auto rickshaw.

Despite the incident(which only me and my sister knew about), my father bought me a new car, Maruti Swift.I knew he had faith in my driving abilities.

Incident 3: Parking problem

It was the night of July 1st, 2014.I was coming back from a function in my brand new car.By now my driving was fine, but parking was still a problem.It was dark rainy night accompanied by thunder and lightning.One of those nights, where anything evil could possibly happen.Thankfully, I reached the gates of my house safely.As I was parking the car inside my house, I got distracted by someone on the left, in a moment of madness pressed my favorite pedal, accelerator instead of brake, boom, crashed into my own massive gate.Our house isn’t that big.I don’t know why on earth did we build massive metal gates.There is no king living here.

I parked my car outside my house.I somehow gathered courage to ring my doorbell.Unfortunately, My father opened the door and greeted me a with a big smile.”I have some good news for you”, he said.”I also have some news for you”, I said reluctantly.”I got promoted”, he said.

The moment had come for me to say something so I fumbled”I just crashed your brand new car into your beautifully crafted metal gate”.Don’t ask me what happened next.Next morning I am taking my car to the service center.Thank god, I had insurance.My car was fixed in a week, my driving wasn’t.The struggle continues.I Still struggle sometimes.

Whenever I struggle with my driving, Words of Samuel Beckett echo in my ears ” ever tried ever failed, no matter try again fail again fail better”But in my scenario, I can`t try too many times, I got only one life and limited insurance.So folks, in the end, I just want you to remember one thing: Live fully but drive safely.You got only one life.

Thank you


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