Words create the World


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“What`s in a name? Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”-William Shakespeare

Were you serious, Mr.Shakespeare, when you said this? Try smelling rose by changing its name to Garbage.Would it smell as sweet? I don’t think so.Don’t you think there are other flowers that smell as sweet?.Indeed there are.Unfortunately, they missed out because they weren’t named Rose.

Words have unimaginable power to alter your reality.They do create a world you hate or you love.Our honorable Prime Minister won over a billion hearts by the beautiful catchphrase, “Friends, Good days are ahead”.A billion hopes rose like a phoenix upon hearing those golden words.Sometimes words do more harm than good.Ask our Pragmatic Young Leader, Mr.Rahul Gandhi.Recently, American president`s words on North Korea almost gave rise to a nuclear war.Leaders must exercise caution with words.It can make them a hero to villain in seconds.Words can bring folks together or it can even incite violence.

Creative and intelligent use of words is needed in all walks of life.Whether you are interacting with your boss or your mother.The margin of error is pretty small especially when you are conversing with your mother.You can leave your boss but not your mother.Clever use of words can save you in many situations.Here are few where you need your astute use of language to pull you through.

When you are bargaining with the shopkeeper: This is the most tricky situation where I lose almost all the time.The timing of words, appropriate pauses, and perfect expressions should be in harmony with the way you say those words.Even a slight deviation in any of these skills, you end up buying the overpriced item at overpriced cost.

When you are asking for a leave from your boss: The story you make up should be convincing and rehearsed multiple times to avoid any mistake.Don’t give him/her a chance.The way you narrate your story goes a long way in getting you leave now and for future.Practice being serious, especially if you are the kind who smiles at the wrong time.Trust me, if you can give a Di Caprio performance once, future holidays would come easy.

When you are having a conversation with a girl: This is the most difficult and challenging scenario.Use words with utmost caution.You can use humor but make sure you do not sound sexist.You can use canny words without being termed arrogant.You can argue without being termed, male chauvinist.The safest option is to use minimal words and pretend you are listening.

When you are having a conversation with a stranger: This is even more intimidating yet interesting.You want to look cool but at the same time not reveal too much.Clever use of words to make the conversation engaging is a perfect start.Humour usually helps but be careful not to turn it into an insult.Every friend was once a stranger who connected due to some weird yet absorbing conversation.

When you read powerful words by famous personalities or writers, you quote them to look cool.Quotes are inspiring but damn funny, if you misinterpret them.Here are few that I could never fathom.

1.” Today is the only day, Yesterday is gone” by John Wooden.John clearly has a bad memory.Yesterday is gone for you because you don’t remember a thing, Mr. John.

2.”If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” by Milton Berle.Dude, how will opportunity ever knock without a door in the first place.Mr. Berle died without understanding what creates a sound.

3.”If you can`t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”-W.C Fields.I think Donald Trump literally took this quote to heart while preparing his speeches.

4.”If you are going through hell, keep going”-Winston Churchill.What was Mr. Churchill smoking when he said this?.Hell is not such a great place to hang out, Mr. Churchill.

Words can inspire you, make you cry, laugh, angry or even kill you.Words do have the superpower to transform any situation.Next time you talk to that stranger or your mother or your shopkeeper, make sure you get your words right.By the way, Mr. Shakespeare, I am still searching for the sweetest flower, it definitely is not Rose.





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