Football is life


What are you most passionate about in life? What keeps you alive?.Dont tell me oxygen.For me, its the most popular game in the world.Can you guess which one? Football. “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.”-Bill Shankly, Legendary Liverpool Manager.

Football is more than life to me.If you are a true football fan, You have seen it all.Emotions from ecstasy to anger to freakish anguish.Football gives you moments to cherish, celebrate and revel.Yet, it also bestows upon you moments of anger, heartbreak, and sadness.Football teaches you more about life than life itself.It has created heroes in the form of Pele, Maradona, and Messi to villains like Suarez and Mettarazi.Game is played by 250 million in over 200 countries

I have been a football fan since I was 12.I fell in love with the game, when I saw Thierry henry`s breathtaking skills on television.The ease with which he glides past defenders is simply poetry in motion.He was playing for London based club, Arsenal in his prime years.Club football is much bigger than International football, which comes only once every four years.Beautiful passing game of Arsenal instantly connected with my heart.I became a die hard arsenal fan for life.Their exquisite passing style with ruthless aggression simply left me spellbound.

There are many aspects of football that I love.The most interesting are their fans.Football fans are the most passionate, crazy and enthusiastic ones you will ever see.Don’t believe me, you must visit Anfield once in your life.Its the home of Liverpool football club.The atmosphere in the stadium, when fans sing is simply electrifying.Not impressed by that either, Go to Germany and experience the support of Dortmund fans.It is insane, terrific and nerve-wracking.Folks from all walks of life come together to witness this beautiful spectacle.Cruel last-minute heartbreaks to a sudden burst of joy.Emotions of all colors are visible.Brace yourself for an extended period of Goosebumps.

Anything can happen in football.It is as unpredictable as life.Games can change in seconds.Tears turn into joy in the blink of an eye.Such is the beauty of the game.You can have world`s best players and still lose. Like Argentina lost against Germany in world cup 2014.What matters is your passion, commitment, perseverance and hard work on the field.Group ethics defeats individual brilliance most of the times.South Korea reaching semi-finals in 2002 edition is a great example.Magical Maradona single-handedly winning Argentina the cup, is once in a generation stuff.Football is like life where brave hearts are rewarded.Just like life, It teaches us invaluable lessons.

In life, Changemakers Lincoln, Edison, and Gandhi never gave up on their goals.In football, there are thousands of unbelievable comeback stories.The best one is called “Miracle of Istanbul”.A legendary comeback on the biggest club stage of all – the 2005 Champions’ League Final. The first half saw Liverpool go 3 goals down.Great Italian Side AC Milan outclassed, outwitted and almost ousted them. Inevitably, some Liverpool fans started leaving at half-time.They should have had more faith.Goals from Gerrard, Smicer, and Alonso leveled the match, taking it to extra time and then penalties. Liverpool keeper played the game of his life to save penalties from Greats like Pirlo and Shevchenko.AC Milan side had the world`s best players.They were cruising for an easy win until Iceberg Liverpool hit them.They all were drowned in shame and shock before they even realized it.

In life, Decision making is a crucial skill.In football, decisions are taken in fractions of a second.A wrong tackle can potentially end a career.A slip at the vital moment can cost a team a title.Football at times can be cruel yet equally rewarding.Goal-saving tackle in the last minute can win you the game.Goalkeeper heroics can win you world cup finals.Last minute substitution can turn the game around.A refereeing error can, unfortunately, decide the game.A player has to make a decision every second.Pass or shoot or tackle.Attack or defend. A manager`s decision on formation, tactics, and substitutions eventually decides the game.

“Football is a high you cannot buy”.The kick you get by merely playing the game is an unmatchable experience.There are only a few things that give you naturally healthy high.Football is one of them.Parents who introduce children to football at an early age are a wise species.Indulgence in the game will teach impressionable minds, invaluable life skills.Football teaches you how to handle failure.If you can handle failure gracefully, you will breeze through life.The character of a child is not necessarily shaped by education but definitely by playing this beautiful game.Leadership and communication skills are crucial in winning a football game.

Witness mind-numbing passion, Impossible Saves, Exquisite goals and incredible skills.This game, unlike your friends, will never disappoint you.

Join the Clan, become a football fan.



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