Why I write or Atleast I try to.


“There are no laws for the novel. There never have been, nor can there ever be.”.Seriously.I don’t know, Why Doris Lessing said this.But this statement clearly has shaken the writing industry.It has given scary confidence to great writers like Chetan Bhagat to enlighten the audience, not once but more.I feel depressed when I read authors like Wodehouse and realize that I can’t even reach 1% of that level.But its writers like Savi Sharma and Robin Sharma that give me hope.Everyone I Know or I do not know, is writing the same old love story with abysmal creativity.Guess what, their copies are sold in millions.What is wrong with our audience?

Writing is an art, Folks. It’s crucial to distinguish between real art and modern art.Appreciation of good art is an art.Just like,there are good comedians(rare) and bad comedians(overflowing),good actors(almost extinct) and bad actors(too many),good politician(hypothetical,futuristic) and bad politician(reality),there are good writers(Chetan Bhagat) and bad writers(You can add anyone).In today’s era of lunatic social media and insane marketing, it is difficult to identify a good writer from a bad writer.I really want to meet the critics who write incredibly brilliant unbelievable adjectives on mediocre books.Don’t trust book reviews. They are friends of authors who are good at using the power of exaggeration. They are the master of tall tales.

I write to express my opinions, ideas, and observations.I write because I can`t insult you on your face nor can I kill you with a dagger.My pen is my sword, my praise, my anguish, my rant, my expression, my fear and my emotions.Writing gives me the freedom to explore myself.It challenges me to understand human behaviors.Writing is therapeutic and frustrating at the same time.It can make me happy or sad.I still prefer it over any other activity.It is never boring and improves my imagination.

Good writing is your favorite ice cream, it makes you happy.Bad writing is like traffic, it makes you angry.Writing like any other art form is subjective.There are folks who love Chetan Bhagat(Yes, they exist), yet there are many who admire Stephen king.For some Neil Gaiman is fascinating while for others he is overrated and crazy.What makes an author stand out from the crowd.Is it the story or emotional connect or language or simply stupidity.We may never know.One thing is for sure.Great authors ultimately are recognized by a vast majority.

Great authors have many common traits.They don’t tweet on firecrackers.They don`t play with hashtags on Instagram.They write stuff that stays in your heart.They are rare and are getting extinct like tigers.We must save them.Stop patronizing mediocrity.Appreciate good literature.Discover hidden gems.Ignore narcissist and cheap authors.Read books that inspire you, evokes your imagination, disconnects you from this cruel world or reconnects you with this beautiful world.Write only if you love this art form.Don’t just write to gain followers.This sets a devastating trend of mediocre writers craving for attention.

I write about observations that I believe is interesting.It may seem boring to you.But Who cares.Exactly.If you write with this attitude.You may end up writing some really good stuff.It’s the expectations that derail the writing process.Write with no inhibitions.Write with absolute freedom (without fear of getting killed).You may anyways get killed.Write what you strongly believe in.Write in your own voice, not the left, right or center one.

Writing is like dancing.It requires patience, perseverance, creativity and a high degree of madness.Unlike dancing, writing cannot make you fit.It’s not for the faint-hearted either.It will test your limit to the core and leave you emotionally drained.Yet it is worth pursuing.The high you get is better than any other drug.Your writing in a way resonates with your true character.If you can`t dance or sing, express yourself through writing.It might make you famous one day.Everyone cannot dream to be in Rowling land.Trust me, if you write engaging stories, you may end up getting a Nobel one day.Writing is like a marathon where you may never win most of the times, complete only a few times but when you reach the finishing line, it’s simply exhilarating.

Dream big, express yourself to the fullest and unleash the Shakespeare in you.

Happy Writing


Aspiring Writer


The biggest critic of Chetan Bhagat.

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