My weird encounter with Andaman Tribes

How many of you love to travel?#wanderlust.Adventure, nature, and culture excites me to wander.My last trip was indeed an adventurous one.It could have been my last one.Have you seen the 20 rupees note closely? It reflects a beautiful picture of Andaman Islands.It is not yet banned, you can see it.This note inspired me to unravel Andaman.This time I was even more adventurous, I chose to visit Sentinel tribes of Andaman.Not everyone must be knowing about them, they are not as famous as SRK.In fact, they are the last folks to avoid interaction with the outside world.I want to be the first sapien to say hello to these folks.

I was curious to know, why they hate outside world as much as I do.I boarded my F16 fighting falcon and set aboard the Bay of Bengal.I reached the Island in 5 minutes flying a quarter of a light speed.I could see the gorgeous bluish-green ocean from 10000 feet.I had my google eye on.I made a swift landing on this mysterious island in half a second.The moment I landed, I was greeted by a swamp of butterflies making some weird noise.Maybe even butterflies have a weird language here.I didn`t  give much attention to the colorful noisy butterflies.They were disappointed.I forged ahead to enter the jungle.

Weather was cold and anxious just like me.I lit my cuban cigar.Just then a strange Young woman saw me and started running backwards.I laughed at her meek behavior.What I saw next simply baffled me.An army of 10000 just appeared out of dense forest.Each carrying weapons of shape and size I haven`t seen in my dreams.Yet,they all looked horrified.What sin had I committed?.May be lighting a cigar is banned here.Then I remembered ,they havent seen a fire ever.I lit another in a hope to scare the battalion.In next few seconds,barrage of weapons were seen coming in my direction.I was petrified.But then I remembered the “all weapon proof ” jacket that my president gifted me for being honest on social media.But I also remembered one more thing, I forgot to bring it.Within no time, I used quantum mechanics to recreate the jacket lying in my bedroom.I wore it and I survived.Tribes looked shocked and irritated.They hadnt seen technology and intelligence till now.I thought they will be impressed with my trickery.Man,i was so wrong.Now they chased me like the beatles.I ran with a speed of light but I have limitations too.My quantum energy was rapidly on the decline.Before they could catch me,I dived into the beautiful bluish water nearby.Wow,that was some escape.

Deepwater of Andaman is another world in itself.Picturesque corals, mighty sharks and gorgeous turtles all are seen in distinct hues and colors.It all seemed lovely until a shark lost her cool seeing a sapien.She went all out for me.I recreated my iron man underwater suit by quantum energy within seconds.I am losing a lot of quantum energy on this trip.Shark was hellbent on killing me, but it was unaware of my superhuman power.I swam like I have never before.I reached the seabed.Took an underwater selfie with coral reef.I was feeling accomplished.Even if I die, at least I got an underwater selfie with this ancient species.

Calamities strike you when you least expect it. I was chilling out in seabed with corals.Out of nowhere,Army of sharks and sea turtles surrounded me. Even my quantum energy was too low to escape.Only divine intervention can save me now.Luckily, I remembered one power Dalai Lama gave me on my last visit.I just closed my eyes, meditated and chanted mystical words for few seconds.Phew, Next scene.I am safe on the shore beside my f16.Dalai Lama, you are a genius.I quickly got in my f16, waved goodbye to noisy butterflies, heartless sharks and weird tribes.

Andaman almost took my breath away.It was a trip to remember and forget.Next time ,when you plan a trip to andaman,please carry your all weapon proof jacket,you can never predict the mood of the tribes.


Thank you


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