Confessions Season 2


All characters in my story are real. Any resemblance to fiction is purely accidental.

I will use guy even for a girl as there aren’t many XX chromosomes in our beautiful organization (Sorry for weird science joke). Don’t ask me why I work here. Seriously, I don’t know.I just waited long enough for many of these characters to fully develop.

I just happen to be here.I observe foolishly. There are characters you meet in a government organization that you won’t find anywhere else. Let me introduce you to some of them.

1.Tea guy: Only appears when the tea is served(we don’t have a vending machine), otherwise remains in a parallel universe.

2. Bill guy: The Only purpose to enter the premises is to find a computer and pay bills for his entire family, even of his dead grand father’s house.

3.Fake guy: Just comes alive only in presence of top managers and acts as if he finally discovered a path-breaking solution.

4.Shameless guy: Blatantly portrays himself as someone who knows nothing. He is Jon snow of real life. His work is automatically forwarded to stupid hard working folks. He is one of many, who is paid as a part of large charitable service.

5.Hard working guy: He is the one who suffers the most and is unable to take advantage of charity offered, as Shameless folks are jumping in to grab everything available.

6.Overconfident guy: Initially will give you a feeling that he knows. But looking closer will strip him completely. Though he still reflects an ounce of confidence, god knows from where. These creatures are plenty in number to help us portray a false sense of pride in our workplace.

7.Smart guy: These are rare, surprisingly interesting and have some worthy skills. But they are fast getting extinct. These folks help you and your team survive.

8.Weird guy: Unique, innocent, unaware yet honest. These folks add to the spice. Interesting to observe their way of working. Conversations are never dull. Though they too contribute a negligible amount to this great organization. Yet they maintain consistency in acting weird.

9.Jerk guy:Fake smile and body language. Displays unbelievable attitude for no reason. He is only good at making sure he gets the job done at others expense. There are many of these kinds yet lesser compared to shameless guys. Shameless guys make up our core strength. That has always been our star attraction.

10.Funny guy: Entertains, tells interesting stories. Contribution to his work may not be much, yet is loved by all.He keeps the room light and vibrant.These “stand-ups” are found in different versions in different departments.

I think I have given you enough characters for this episode. There are many more. Stay tuned for even interesting characters and their stupid stories.

Until then, Stay happy, Stay Stupid

Wish to meet these special ones, Join my clan.


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