Fascinating Trip to pink city

Disclaimer: Characters may be fictitious yet the story is real.So it begins.

It was weird and frustrating to board a flight with 40 others loud Israeli passengers. Their language didn’t sound sweet even if I didn’t get a word. They all looked frighteningly similar in build and appearance.Whoever said that Indians are ill-behaved in flights and trains, definitely never saw Israelis on a flight.I was going to back to Mumbai from pink city.The trip was indeed a memorable one.


I landed at this beautiful place of forts and palaces at 2pm afternoon.I checked into my hotel.I met few of my colleagues who were rather enthusiastic about exploring Jaipur.A Bengali man in his mid 40`s with a broken English and broken Hindi, was the first character I stumbled upon.He was quick to strike up a conversation that I could hardly interpret.Yet he had that conviction and honesty in his voice.You couldn’t hate him even if you wanted to.Then there was a young lady with unmatchable enthusiasm to travel.She was a wannabe photographer.Oh, I forgot to mention my friend from Haryana.Let`s call him the speed of light(C) as he talks really fast.He is an amazing person with an incredible sense of humor.Enthusiastic lady with a canon camera had already booked a cab for us.We set aboard to our first destination: Amer Fort.


We reached the fort in about 30 minutes.Stunning, marvelous and contemporary were the words that came out as I saw a grand elegant wall that surrounded this beautiful fort.It was exactly like the great wall of China.I was wondering, whether Chinese even copied our architecture or was it the other way round.We quickly found a guide or rather the guide found us.He offered to tell us authentic and amazing stories of this fort at meager amount of 200.We willingly agreed.Everybody loves a good story.He told us about Raja Man Singh and his 12 wives.He showed us the well where the Padmavat shooting was done.Almost all the major Bollywood flicks were shot here.Claim looked huge and suspicious.Yet we were swayed by his impeccable storytelling.The man looked in his late 50`s and yet was very passionate about his job.He even had an intense interest in photographs. Canon d5300 was handed over to his wrinkled hands.What followed next was series of frenzied photography at odd places.Guide, let us call him Swag of Jaipur, was full of energy throughout his description of palace and fort.He baffled us with magical stories of this historical fort.The mystery of sighting stars in daylight.He blabbered about how technology was used to construct the palace.How Sauna Bath was invented in 1564.Floors made of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.Elephant and Horses were only means of transport.All of his stories seemed unreal yet engaging.We were gullible.We took usual selfies, weird photos from ancient doors and grandiose windows and similar touristy stuff.I was literally taken by simply superb built of the rooms, floors, and windows of the palace.I was taken even by the anecdotes used by our knowledgeable guide.Amer fort is something everyone should visit, even if you are not interested in history, it is worth exploring this ancient masterpiece.The evening ended with desi burger and a gorgeous view of Jal Mahal.

Inspired by Amer fort and some breathtaking photos, Wannabe photographer suggested me to visit another fort.This one is called Nahargarh fort.There are two ways to reach the fort-By walking or By car.Unfortunately, I took the challenging one in the heart of Jaipur.After all, Rajasthan is known for warriors and I had to be one.It was a simple 20 minutes climb up the hill, yet in the scorching hit, it felt like Everest.To top it all, view from the top was not at all mesmerising.It was painfully dull just as my climb.I, being an eternal optimist felt that not all that is gold, glitters from outside.So, I hopefully entered the fort.My other team of Funny Bengali guy, Wannabe Photographer Girl, and Weird Jat Guy, comfortably reached the fort by car.All three of them could be seen in distinct shades.I lied about the beauty of the trail that blessed me to reach the top.

How can you identify that a fort has gone commercial? Look for a wax museum.There you have it.Then look for the price.Then, look for spots specifically created for taking selfies.I hope you get it.Ancient masterpiece should never be commercialized.Nahargarh Fort is a classic example of ruining a beauty.Yet, it had few gems that I loved.The doors of the palace were elegant.Weird artifacts, statues and secret stuff of Queen were admirable.Grand Kadai at the entrance was stunning.Stories I heard about the Royal Kitchen was amusing, to say the least.Nahargarh wasn`t spectacular but definitely had entertainment value.

Our last stop was Albert Museum.Stellar-lights illuminating this masterpiece was simply phenomenal.Although, Museum was elegant and beautiful from the outside.Inside was a different story. I, Wannabe Photographer and funny Bengali Man bought the ticket to witness ancient preserves.Authentic Artifacts, swords, and Armors felt as China as it can get.Only the mummy looked like the real mummy(from Egypt).When you have someone who has similar taste in humor, even disappointment turns into fun.After innumerable jokes and mockery of King Albert`s clothes and Accessories, we bid goodbye to Authentic Albert and its scintillating Night Display.

A trip to pink City was indeed an interesting one.Ancient Forts, weird characters, and authentic preserves made it worth every penny.Folks, until my next trip-Khamma-Ghani.



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