Sleeping under the Bridge


She looked frail, wrinkled and worried. I was right behind her in the line. I could still see hope in her melancholic eyes. She was carrying a kid. The kid was crying, shivering and definitely unwell. It was raining like hell that night. I had fever, yet my story is not important here. Something seemed different about the lady. She looked afraid. I rarely visit the hospital but that night I was glad I did.

Every experience teaches you something, What can a helpless lady with an ill child teach me? I was back to my overthinking mode. Pondering, wondering and imagining situations. It must be difficult for her. Where is she living in a big city like this? Can she afford the rent? Questions kept haunting me. Just when I looked again, she was there at the counter.

Counter Guy: What is your name?

lady: Sangeeta( in a quivering tone)

Counter Guy: Address?

lady: No answer

Counter Guy: Where do you live?

lady: that bridge sir Ji(she could not even name the bridge or the place: CBD flyover)

Counter Guy: which bridge? There must be an address

The lady started crying and her kid cried even more. I was just watching this as a hapless spectator. Sometimes, we all are mere spectators to tragedy and pain. Everyone loves drama. I don’t understand folks who keep quiet and enjoy others misery. Gosh, how cold-blooded is that? Usually, I keep quiet but that night I spoke. I am not a hero but it is fellow sapiens responsibility to help those who are suffering. I think that`s what “being human” really means, not the t-shirt you flaunt.

Me: Are you insensitive or acting like one? can’t you see, she has no place to live and her kid is shivering with fever? I hope you know what you are doing?

Counter Guy: Who are you?

Me: I am just an ordinary citizen, concerned about a fellow being. (No filmy dialogue just plain truth) and you should show some concern too.

After a few more minutes of intense heated conversation, the counter guy finally agreed to admit the child. I was relieved and shocked that night. Lady was able to treat her child in a good hospital but had nowhere to live. This is one of the truths of city life.You don’t have shelter but have good medical facilities. In my village,things are slightly different. My uncle has a large house with a garden. Yet, you will find it impossible to find good medical facilities within a reasonable distance.

Poor lady was sleeping under the bridge but still able to admit her ill child in a hospital, which was just a few hundred meters away. In a village, you have to travel at least 30-40 km to find a decent hospital. Yet in villages, folks do have a proper house to live in(not all villages though). It really is a situation where you have to choose shelter or facility, you may not be lucky to find both.

What I learned from this small incident is that: we should be grateful for what we have. We must not be hapless spectators but help wherever possible. Government must ensure medical facilities are within reach in villages. A city must have shelter for the homeless. Even if things don’t improve, least we can do, is to help and support those in need. There is already enough evil in this world, don’t add to it.

My motto for society: Each one, Support one!!

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