How I saved an Alien

That night like all other nights. I was struggling to run my code. It was a nervous and scary time. Full moon, the rustling of leaves and I could hear some strange sound in between.

I had a deadline to complete but that night felt deadly. The more I typed on my special gifted 10000 yrs old typewriter, louder those sounds grew. I checked my ear to make sure. It was as if gods were angry at failing another code. I drank my brandy(which my president gifted me for promoting his pseudo work on social media) to calm my nerves but those sounds soon turned into melodies to songs to something never quite heard before. Brandy never had such effect on me. I knew something was coming or someone was calling. Suddenly, out of thick polluted air of Delhi, emerged a coughing soul twice as large as life.No, it wasn`t Kejriwal. He didn’t have a muffler but wore a strange smile. I welcomed him with a timid hello. He was 11 foot 12 inches long and almost broke my ceiling. Mind you, Until that day, I always felt proud of having a high ceiling. It was 3 am, someone who looked like me but twice as large was standing like a monster. Did I create a Frankenstein or is it my alter ego from another universe or I just haven’t slept. Within nanoseconds, he reduced his stature to my size and said, your code is solved. I didn’t understand, no one in this world has been able to solve my code yet. This everchanging creature who looks like me, claims to do the impossible. Oh, I forgot to mention my project, I am trying to solve a complex intergalactic code to help us interact with aliens. Gosh, is he an alien who has hacked my DNA. I felt scared but he was afraid too. I felt relaxed after seeing him tense.

Alien:I want you to help me

Me(scared):Help you? How? why?..

Alien:For Centuries,I wanted to connect with humans,then I received your coded signals,It gave me hope

Me(curious):How old are you? Why do you look like me?

Alien:I dont know my exact age,we dont keep track of time in my planet

Then he disappeared suddenly out of thick polluted air.I was stunned and amused,how can I help an alien, I can hardly help a human in my planet.

I went back to coding with a goal to bring back that beast again. Within nanoseconds, a shadow was seen behind my curtains but this time it was a female voice that shook me from within.She looked like my long lost friend. In fact, she was my long lost friend. This was frightening and exciting. What am I seeing? What is she doing here? No, this ain’t a story of Christmas Carol, I had superpowers I never knew, I could bring back people from the past by my intergalactic coding. I know, this sounds ridiculous, because it is. Her name was crazysmile

Crazysmile:Hi,thank you for bringing me back

Me(now terrified):Hello,but when did you leave this planet?

Crazy smile:I wanted to pursue arts and my parents didnt allow me,so I copied your inter galactic code,found a planet where arts is more popular than science.Then you called me back here by your devilish code.You owe me a drink.

Me: I had never heard such an answer for a drink. I poured her a glass of brandy.

Incredible,I had this power to bring back the past. I felt proud of my newly discovered superpower. We all have a superpower we haven`t discovered yet.I just stumbled upon mine during this summer vacations. This Holiday, ask yourself this question: What`s my superpower? and explore. You will be amazed by the results.

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