Old man and his Whiskey

Every evening when I go out for a run,I meet him on the road.He smiles at me and leaves on his scooter.I feel happy,scared and satisfied.This happens almost everyday.We never speak. He just nods and I smile.But we understand this is how it will go for a long time.Sometimes a smile can convey a much larger message than you can imagine.He is still a stranger to me but we have a special relationship.

3 year back,on a wednesday evening,I was sipping coffee on an unusually cold winter in Mumbai.When suddenly I heard a loud wailing sound from outside.I rushed downstairs only to see a faint light blinking from few metres away.It was dark, thanks to the changed timing of street light.When I looked closer,I saw an old man lying near a scooter,blood dripping on the street and he was shivering in intense pain.I rushed along with my neighbour to rescue him.Many people were simply looking and I had no time to understand that behaviour.I ran and picked him up, helped by my gracious neighbour,we managed to drag him in the car.He was still conscious,breathing heavily and smelled of whiskey.We immediately reached the nearest hospital.My gracious neighbour eventually called his family.I was glad,he was alive.As I saw him,I felt more alive.

It all happened so quickly.When I went back home,I contemplated deeply(lifelong hobby).May be,this is my purpose.If you really want to wear a mask,wear a superhero mask.I had mine ON on that day.He blessed me with grace and keeps giving me his love whenever we cross the street.Without even a word,I understood he had a fight in the family,felt alone,drank and lost his balance.Even today,he doesn’t miss his scooty ride(hopefully without whiskey shots).My glance across the street is enough to remind him.Grace is everything.I learnt importance of life on that day and he understood people care.I saved a life and may be I saved my life.I found a purpose.

This story keeps reminding me about the illusion of control and how we take life for granted.


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