Compassion is the new Currency

How many of you want to make it to Forbes 40 under 40 list? It`s great to be a billionaire right? Yet, I don`t want to a billionaire.It doesn`t solve any real world problem.All I want is to touch a billion hearts.How can I do it? Rather, How can we do it? We can only do it,one heart at a time.What legacy you want to leave behind? I am curious to understand real meaning of success.Does owning a Fancy car or House or Company a success ? or solving real world problems? or simply being happy. For me,give more to live more is a new way to earn meaning and genuine success in life.Compassion is my new project.By the end of this article,I am sure,it will be our project.

I recently saw a movie that changed my perception of life-Pay it forward
A young boy attempts to make the world a better place after his teacher gives him that chance.His belief that if you help someone out of compassion,it spreads in an exponential way,It is compassion towards our fellow being that keeps this world together.Let me tell you a personal story that changed me.Every evening when I go out for a run,I meet him on the road.He smiles at me and leaves on his scooter.I feel happy,scared and satisfied.This happens almost everyday.We never speak.He just nods and I smile.But we understand this is how it will go for a long time.Sometimes a smile can convey a much larger message than you can imagine.
3 year back,on a wednesday evening,I was sipping coffee on an unusually cold winter in Mumbai.When suddenly I heard a loud wailing sound from outside.I rushed downstairs only to see a faint light blinking from few metres away.It was dark, thanks to the changed timing of street light.When I looked closer,I saw an old man lying near a scooter,blood dripping on the street and he was shivering in intense pain.I rushed along with my neighbour to rescue him.Old man was drunk while driving.After that incident,he has left drinking. I did nothing special,yet it is significant in a way that one simple act can change so many lives and eventually the world.You may be a speck in this universe,yet universe works because you do.

Consider this choice: Given two individuals with equivalent talent and skills, who do you look up to and prefer to work with, promote, or invite onto a project? Chances are it’s the more compassionate one.If that sounds intuitively right, it’s now getting some backing by science–with a few conditions. Wharton professor Adam Grant arguesthat kindness and compassion give us a far greater advantage than self-absorption. Nice guys do finish first, he explains, as long as they learn how not to let others take advantage of them.The reason why givers make the best leaders is that they have the ability to create a psychologically safe climate where everyone feels they can contribute.

When we see someone engaging in a compassionate action or helping someone else, we get an inspired, warm-and-fuzzy feeling (you may even shed a tear or feel a chill). Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has appropriately termed this state of being “elevation.” In the workplace, elevation leads to increased loyalty. In their research on the phenomenon, Haidt and his colleagues found that when leaders were polite, respectful, sensitive, or were willing to make sacrifices for their teams, their employees experienced elevation
Researchers Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler have shown that if you’re kind, those around you are more likely to act kindly, too. In short, compassionate behavior is contagious: it spreads around you

Just imagine what could happen,if all turn compassionate towards our fellow being and nature.When was the last time you spent a few minutes amidst vast expanses of foliage, inhaling the fresh air and feeling relaxed .
Mantu Hait, a lawyer who planted approximately 25,000 trees in ten years and revived this previously barren dumpyard .Padma Shri awardee, Jadav “Molai” Payeng, single-handedly planted an entire forest in Majuli Island in Assam.He planted a tree everyday for 35 years. As per forest research institute report of 2015-17 percentage forest cover has increased by .3 percent,but this is such a misleading information.Only 3 percentage of the area is dense forests,77 percentage are non forest area.

This is real success. Ask yourself this question,What I am doing today is impacting how many lives?How many soul have you touched,how many have you inspired,uplifted and saved from drowning?Never count success in terms of numbers but in feelings.Go out,give and make a difference.There are million soul yet to be touched,million problems yet to be solved.Ask yourself,what my kindness can bring to the table today?

There is no better way to motivate you than by quoting Robert Frost.

“Woods are lovely,dark and deep,but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep” and I may add,there are millions of hearts yet to be reached.

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