Mask in the time of Corona

At times of crisis or great dilemma,you can find characters unmasking their true selves.We have always worn mask since time eternal.Mask of joy,mask of honesty,mask of dedication,mask of excitement and now mask of concern.Now,everyone is wearing one to stay safe.In this beautiful world,you will find species that lose their mind while trying this simple safe act:wearing a mask

Task:Wear a mask to cover mouth and nose

Species 1:I don’t need one,I am immune as I eat “Vada pav”(staple food of Mumbai). Now you wonder why its so difficult to govern our nation.Folks dont even wear mask even in this so called pandemic(WHO termed it,I never did),I am still researching on what this actually is.

Some say,China created this,others say,its just a scam by WHO, while doctors all over the world are testing,saving lives and dying of high exposure level to Covid 19.Species 1 still believe Vada Pav will save them

Then there are species 2.

Species 2 are special in many ways.They don’t wear one for a simple fact:we are saving it for medical professionals and then they roam freely around in half covered mouth,about to sneeze with sweaty handkerchiefs on their mouth.These species may be carrying the virus (and eating vada pav to keep them immune)and innocently spreading it like wildfire.

Species 3 are even better.They seem to know it all about the virus,genetic material,stats,government inside agenda and innocently induce fear and anxiety in the usually calm practical minds(few and extincting at a swifter pace than you can imagine).Consider a scenario:You are enjoying delicious rabdi you made(courtesy extra time due to lockdown),when suddenly species 3 appear and inject every kind of fear with stunning facts and graphs,that will make your rabdi taste sour.Species 3 are the one to adore.Brave souls are doing their best to maintain the momentum,virus has created in this world or May be China has.

Species 4:These are golden folks.They avoid mask by simply saying,”they don’t enjoy intimate experience of mask touching their rosy lips”.What can I say when these noble soul put pleasure in wearing one as more important reason than the need for one.It breaks my stomach when I hear species 4,their lucid yet absurd explanation leaves a pain in my jaws(I wont die of virus but may be idiosyncrasies of species 4 can give me fits).

Now,that you know 4 beautiful varieties of sapiens in this pandemic era.Its time,I introduce you to great visionaries:Species 5

On first look,they seem innocuous and loveable,but when you get to know them further,you get the real picture.Species 5 portray themselves as having supernatural intuitive powers,they seem to know the cure to this contagious virus.They will proudly brag their extraterresrial knowledge on how to heal this world by eccentric mantras,complex rituals and infinite wisdom.They discovered the cure before doctors could even dare to find the vaccine.God save us from species 5.

Species 6 are an interesting lot,I love them.

These creative soul make their own mask by accident or talent or combination of both.With deep sense of pride,joy and boldness reflected on their shining faces,they adore their unique masks.They dare not touch the mask available in the market.

Folks,Go ahead,observe and discover these gems as you move out to buy essentials(with mask on) and tell me how you feel about the situation.

I will be back with more characters,Stay Home,Stay Safe and most importantly wear mask.

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