My tryst with nature

In my deepest agony and despair

When situation seems beyond repair

A gentle glance at a humble tree

Simply sets me free

As I observe tiniest movement of a leaf

It magically takes away my grief

Even if it is for a moment so transient and brief

As I sit outside my balcony,

Deep in contemplation on life

Lyrical serene breeze,sets me out of my strife

Beyond everything and everyone

Nature accepts human with such divine innocence and magnanimity

It’s a compassionate touch with flavor of equanimity

Oh!Yes,you atheist soul

Just feel the breeze and listen to birds sing

Such joy,wonder and peace,it always bring

You will know,there is something more

Beyond this muddy materialistic world,

You continue to adore

Just try,look at the sky

Nature gives you a chance to fly

Hear the sound of silence

When you can stop your inner violence

Nature has this enormous power

Like an angel,only blessings it shower

Just give it respect,love and time to bloom

Only nature can bring us back from doom

Look above my son,there is always a room

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