In love with her chocolate circles

Meditative,soothing and pristine

As her innocent eyes met mine

I felt,I had visited a shrine

She adorn a red stick on her cute creasy lips

As she shyly ate chocolate chips

It was blazing,shone with a special light

That chocolate spot beneath her eyes

Perhaps,a window to her soul

How simplicity can be riveting

I could see everything through that dark zone

Sent a shiver down my bones

Of all the places,I have seen.

This one,clearly and magically won

Even ignoring the pretty dress and necklace she had worn

That honest real chocolate space

Puts her above ordinary race

Yet,she effortlessly denies her perceptible grace

When I gaze into her enigmatic eyes

Pure,presence and perseverence stays

In it,lies all beauty

Oh!How I fell for her deep dear chocolate spot

She was trying hard to erase

Please read it slowly,at your own pace.

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