Poem on Mother`s Day

Life begins from her womb

As an embryo develops into foetus

After months of selfless care

That magical compassion is rare

Only she can withstand enormous pain,truly dare

Something,we can hardly bear

She won`t accept even a drop of tear

To ones who are so near and dear

Yet,she stands tall in all trials and tribulations

It seems,God has sent her with prior preparations

As we grow up under her tender love

We experience divine,blessings from above

Yet,we can hardly sense her sacrifice

One day or the other,we pay the price

Destiny plays a clever dice

Deftly makes us realise

Mothers are always warm and wise

As she watches us grow in size

Soon,our ambition and desire rise

We forget her love and sacrifice

Her true happiness lies in our success

For our true success lies in her smile

Sit down,call her and listen to her voice

Even if you have a million choice

For what is life,without her presence

Infinite love is one to revere,mystical essence

Her silent serene eyes tells a story

Come out of your illusion,that quest for false glory

Hug her,embrace her or send her a flower

Eternal embodiment of true divine love,blissful shower.


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