Laugh it along in lockdown

Oh! How the world has changed

Since the virus entered the frame

We are all locked down,some together,others alone

Future looks scary and unknown

Oh! How our life has shifted

Our ambitions and desires drifted

Everyone is asking the same question

This invisible lingering tension

When will this go away

Nothing will be the same again

Every touch is counted,every sneeze is looked upon with suspicion

Every walk is careful and with petrified precision

Oh! How our minds have changed

Predicting the end is everyone’s new game

Media is mongering fear

Will this continue like this? dear

Oh! How we have evolved

Our egos and obsession dissolved

Some enmities resolved,others remain the same

It’s all about breaking the chain

As we walk in every lane

Oh! How the clouds have gathered?

Why are you down and bothered

Let us laugh again without fear

Put this stubborn virus in backgear

From devils to seer

From peer to peer

Everyone is in prayer

This unity is beautiful,miraculous and rare

Oh! How the world has changed!!!

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