Sad State of Humanity

Risen by hope,Driven by desire

Led by spirit,strength and fire

I am alarmed,astonished and agitated by this ire

Evolution has been proven wrong

Our being are singing a strange selfish song

Where is justice?

No one knows,what is right or wrong?

While chinese toy with mortality

Arrogantly,mischievously and unethically,playing ping pong

Oh,how we all are caught in fake self image

Creating unhealthy ubiquitous growing rage

Even as a new dawn has arrived

Devils keep playing around your head

Yet you keep your sacred center away from dread

Protect it with sincere fervor

For this generation may take a while to change

This inner peace is magical,mystical,yet strange

With practise and persistence,we shall raise the range

Ugly ducks,fat heads and countless derange

For sanity is inside,a new dawn begins when you realise this change

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