Bird that drinks from leaked pipe

After the storm has passed

Earth smells different,fallen trees,shaken soul

Nature had a significant role

Every morning I see her outside my window

Perched perfectly on that delicate pipe

She looks young and ripe

As she glances at me with cute curious eyes

This one drinks from a broken pipe.

Amidst this heat and storm,as inhumanity prevails

Drops of kindness,magic and compassion mysteriously sails

As she rejoices from each drop falling from that leaked line

It is indeed her pilgrimage,her holy shrine

Next morning when humanity again betrays her trust

She knows,this leaked pipe will quench her thirst

We are just running after delirious desires,delusions and ludicrous lust

For once,every day at this time

This leaked pipe,is her only place of trust

She can now fly again with hope

Atleast this storm gave her drops of water

Precious pearl for her thirsty soul

Divine knows,it provides for every role

She looks upward again,after the storm has passed


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