Blind monkey attached to a pole

Today I saw a monkey attached to a pole

I know,he has a special seductive role

A momentary glance at this insane sight

I wonder,is this worth the fight?

Monkey is blind folded,bewildered and lost

I wonder,to convince him to leave the post

What can be the ultimate cost!!

Even if it gives him an electric shock

Man,you can try,you can,to make him rock

That addictive affable feeling

Keeps him in the loop,still reluctantly reeling

A pole is a lustful lofty world for him

Continues to prolong, as he is feeding his senses

We might all perceive from myriad lenses

And we still fail to catch perversion of thought,pricy pretences

I can give you a million references

Yet,this is just a poem that tells a story in a few sentences

As I persuade the blind monkey to loosen the grip

This aint a bizzare situation or a blip

We clench with an almost unbreakable force,our delusional dreams

Monkey will never leave the pole,it seems

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