Suicide is not an option

Fame,follies and fantasies

Failure,Failure, and Failure


When was the last time you paused?

To see through your own hypocrisy

Desires work only in moderation

Else it is the root cause of frequent fatality

When was the last time you truly enjoyed something

Without a hint of acceptance or recognition

When was the last time you dived deep?

Make that meaningful leap

That makes every trophy,clap and praise deem redundant

Joy inside is already abundant

Fame,follies and fantasies

Success,Success and Success


You lose yourself in your victory lap

Goodness me! There is a major gap

This illness of acceptance is widespread across the map.

This is a poem,not a song or rap

When was the last you created something that put you at absolute ease

All that inner turmoil,you inadvertently release

When fame,follies and fantasies disappear

Truth,time and tolerance reappear

Your life is most precious

Don’t lose it in the quest for pretentious

Fame,follies and fantasies

Failure,Failure and Failure

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