Invisible,Instilling and Immortal

He gives,grants and goes

Steers,strides and shows

Silently soaking,hard hitting blows

Calmly contently,taking in all highs and lows

Father’s care is rustic,real and rare

Not visible like a glorious sun,yet in action,galore

Why do they never share?

Emotions,fears and inner stories

A Father ensures,you are safe,solid and secure

Still,fails to reveal,what’s inside his core

We go to Mother,to listen to frivolous folklore

Why do you not,open up,Roar?

This eerie silence is an enemy

Your laughter is an enterprising epiphany

A father sustains,soaks and seals

Most difficult dangerous devious deals

Ensures us daily meals

We can,if you just,let yourself be free

While mother gives us shade like a tree

Father teach us sustenance, holding us,in our crazy careless spree

We can deal with shock.

You have made us as strong as a rock

Why don’t you let your soft heart, slowly unlock

No one will question or mock

Allow,embrace and share

For life,you prepare

It’s time,you heal,rest,rejoice and repair

Life is not fair,yet you dwell deep and dare

This day,let all fathers finally be free to share

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