Love is a mystical force

Tender,trustworthy and tumultous at times

Love is like a poetry,at best,when it rhymes

Presence,purity and perseverence

Flowing,feverish at times,riveting,

Rises with reverence

Hidden in kisses,cakes and roses

Sometimes in innocent instinctive poses

Most simplest form of expression

Teaches you a beautiful or cruel lesson

Grabs your fleeting flowery attention

A powerful perpetual force

From hard to soft,fine to coarse

At times,stagnant painful discourse

Other times,magically mystically pours

A muse and a diet

It can bring peace or riot

For love is the most overwhelming intense emotion

For,if you have courage to dive deep into it’s ocean

A mystical force,at best,when it roars

It can open seemingly impossible doors

Love is,what love is,elevates,even your daily dumbing chores

Keep it alive,strive,thrive

Love is the only way to survive

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