Song of water and fire

She sees me as her own

Beneath her eyes,delightful chocolate circle lies

She is a bit scared,yet she truly tries

Shyly acknowledging my intense innocent eyes

Inside;deep,delightful and dark stories arise

Oh,she thinks I am a great actor

Suppressing emotions,drama doldrums,sweet smile

She sees in me,a soul;pure,present yet docile

She makes me realise my hidden power

Slowly shedding off my compulsive desire

Can’t help,but adore her cute chivalrous cheesy lines

In my quiet quasy demeanour,she admirably shines

She lets me unleash my true nature

Draws cringy curly caricature

In me,she sees a being,capable of reaching to any stature

She unlocks all the doors,I am yet to find a key

She is like a big banyan tree

Provides shade,rest and recovery for free

In return,she only demands a gentle smile

In her,I see myself

Flowing with a fiery force

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