Mother’s Day Special

A World filled with Fools, Flaws and Apprehension

Amidst Prevailing Chaos, hatred and tension

Obnoxious Outside World, Perceptible Pretension

Like a Lotus blooms, Centered beautifully at every languid lake

To keep us at bay ,her empathy we selfishly take

A flower ,A Blessing, an extraordinary Being

A mother is more than a feeling or emotion

Epitome of Care, Compassion and devotion

Yet, we unconsciously ignore her in every form and expression

Oh man, What an extraordinary Creation

Give her respect she deserves

A billion blessings in her reserves

Uplifts, Unwinds and Unravels

Selfless Love in a boundless fashion

Simple act of compassion

encompasses her delightful heart

Her touch makes us feel at home

Always pushing an extra mile

Before a Child is even seen

She is already given her most precious smile

The shine, her laughs and Twinkling Divine

A creator that balances a wobbling world

A flower, A Blessing, A Familiar Fragrance

OH, her Choice less Presence

This Day, another reason for celebration

Nurture, Nourish and Nod

Ever present like a Tree, a Sun, and a Moon

Glittering with an armor of warmth and Cocoon

For us and everyone else, A magical Boon

As we Search for Infinite or God or Mystical Trap

Never Realising,it was all along in Mother`s Lap

This ain`t a great Poem or Song or Rap

Still, you can effortlessly Clap

or At least bring a smile to that face that rides the Storm

with an innocent Grace.

Matters of Heart expressed in finite syllables.


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