Tranquility, Mystery, and Peace

This was my Third Time at this magical place. A space that transforms a tired soul into a fiery Fighter. The sound of waves hitting the serene shore wakes us all up and reminds us to pause and play.I was ready for a new journey. With her, this was my first adventure. We booked a Night Train from Panvel and were onto our most awaited trip down south We consciously chose South Goa as our destination as North is too much noise for us to survive. Half asleep,half-dreaming, and half-listening to my favorite tunes, we were about to reach this beautiful place. Morning greeted us with a marvelous view of Palm Trees and the Glorious Sea. I was awestruck by the coastline, green and blue, and blossoming with life. Around 8 am, we reached Madgaon station.

Oh, I failed to introduce “her”.She is my soulmate with whom I share my dreams, diamonds, and fears.2 years back, we took a vow to stay together forever. She always has this curiosity to explore. We explored all possible options from bike to bus to renting a car but ultimately took a cab to drop us at our first destination: Agonda Beach. The moment we stepped on the lovely shiny sands, we felt we have arrived. A few days of tranquility is all one desires. This beach is strangely named “Turtle” Beach but no local has spotted a turtle in the last 5 years. Yet the government officials. in a clever bid to save their job, they are claiming that Turtle has laid 1000 eggs and now protecting them in these green rectangular shady nets. It is a mystery to tourists and locals as to where is Turtle? and when did she arrive. Queen Turtle may not have landed here but we were here to stay, swim and chill.

We tiptoed in the blazing heat to the nearest cafe and ordered a few mocktails. Away from the usual drama of city life, this place felt like a perfect one where the heart could settle, shine and bloom. We checked in around noon to a beautiful cottage with an open-air shower,a lovely garden that housed carefree cats. We soaked in our rustic home and headed back to the beach to walk, dance, and simply breathe.

Walking on a beach in Goa is an experience in itself. Tourists, travelers, and Goans, all are merged in this magnificence of tranquility, rhythm, and reverie. As dusk approaches, the sky turns oily orange as we soak in the sun, sand, and shore with an equanimity rarely seen in dusty city life. Every act feels relaxing whether it is humming an old song or making names on the sand. We soaked in every kind of noise, and absorbed all kinds of music from hypnotic to soothing to rock. Mesmerized by mindful melody,we went back to our cat-loved cottage.


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