Short stories

Resonant Frequences:

“This is vibrating like Hell,we may fall off anytime”, I said with terror in my eyes.

“Yeah, if it matches our resonant frequency” said Abhinav in a cool demeanor.

This idea started from this shaky start,we both were stuck at a platform vibrating at frequencies faster than our heart beat.An idea that how we are instantly attracted to some people and hope others simply vanish in front of our eyes.Is there any meaningful relationship between connection and frequencies.

I wish there was a mathematical equation that defined who will get connected to whom.We live in a non-Hogwartian world and we know most folks we meet on the road fall out of frequency with us.yet,there are few that instantly get connected.Can we increase the connection frequency or simply rule out out of zone personalities? Can we expand our personality so that we can connect with more than few? These questions always put me in perpetual dilemma about what is true connection? Is getting a resonant frequency just coincidental or can this be achieved by directional effort?

Yet,how can we connect with everyone with same frequency,there are over 7 billion distinct maniacs unlike us,floating in this vast expanse of delusion and desire.I wish,I can create an app,that instantly tells your level of connection with fellow being.Yet,in this seemingly ordered sane world,we find ourself lost in this battle of finding perfect frequency people(pfp).

I look outside and see a man teaching morse code to a dog.May be,that`s an interesting man I can connect with or may be I am going out of range in terms of my sane frequency.I walk further and see a girl taking a short break from her cycling and with a smile on her face rejoicing the moment with her fellow sapien about how playing with children was refreshing.Another case of interesting being yet I still cant relevant frequency to connect.

I look further and find a crazy man mumbling to himself,I look no further. is sit down in a nearby park and scribble down my dumb idea of connecting people with equations.I look for an equation that can be applied from The king to a beggar from the sane to insane from boring to super-boring.After hours of brainstorming and frustation,came my eureka moment.That golden equation to connect people with numbers.Hold your breath,check if you have corona and then scroll down the page.

Mighty equation that will shake this world

Frequency of connect(Fc) =comfortable silence in minutes*mutual love and hatred*same sense of humor*curiosity in related subjects * honesty in conversation.