A Night to Remember

Rains in Mumbai bring alive everything:Flora,aroma and my dwindling spirit.It looked a normal night as I boarded my office bus on 25th July 2019. Rhythmic drizzles,gentle winds and my pleasant emotions left me in a musical state.I was enjoying my peaceful space when suddenly rains took an upsurge,emotions became intense and winds turned hostile.It was a sign of things to come.My bus takes an adventurous route everyday as it has to battle with mighty nuisance on the roads(not cows but massive trailers,trucks and potholes).Battling potholes,unceremonious replies by strangers on road and of course stoned trailer driver`s driving skills,it is a challenge to reach the office safely.On our way,we face a legendary bridge whose designers must be rewarded for the most illogical design ever(bridge is constructed in a way as to maximize traffic and verbal spats from fellow drivers on the road).We reached that fateful bridge in 45 minutes.Our amazing driver forgot to reroute the bus despite seeing standstill traffic on this dilapidated bridge.Trailer on our left accidentally got in contact with the one on the right and we were stuck.Both the drivers ran away in fear of police.Real reason for this beautiful situation was not driving but intricately designed potholes.It takes far less time to create potholes after rains on this masterpiece than to download an app on android.It is remarkable to see how fast this road gets damaged(faster than your own reputation).

As the intensity of rains rose,so did the anger of our senior employees on board.Mr. Hotshot lashed onto our driver for being careless and stubborn.Our driver indeed was stubborn and he showed no response.

Mr. hotshot:You should have diverted the bus before the bridge.Let`s go back home now.

Mr. Hotshot is famous for creating scenes in normal situations,and this was emergency and his time to go full crazy.12 hapless passengers stuck in heavy rains on a bridge that could collapse any moment.Our kind in-charge informed our unit head(or chief entertaining officer) to send emergency vehicle for rescue.Unit head is an amazing character who gives false promises(just like our government).He was more interested in knowing who is crying in the middle of the road than to send emergency car.Meanwhile,I,hotshot,my kind in-charge,Over-smart local,cool driver and Rock-star cleaner(who was busy in playing pubg) went out to tackle the situation or at least pretend to show concern(as we all Indians love to do).Mosquitoes inside the bus were anyway making life more miserable so getting out in the rain seemed a smart decision.Still,some passengers chose to donate their blood to some hungry flying creatures.I silently admired their laziness,courage and patience.

Traffic police managed to catch hold of fleeing driver.After giving him a ego satisfying spank,he instructed him to start the trailer.This is the only rare moment when he feels like a hero(attacking an unarmed under age driver).Policeman arranged a crane to pull the trailer meanwhile hotshot was still spewing venom on this gloomy shaky thunderous night.CEO(Chief entertainer officer) was still struggling to provide emergency vehicle. Over smart local was giving some earth shaking ideas on how to reach office.I prayed,I laughed and I looked on with hope.Observing such characters giving their best performance on a rather thrilling night,was definitely entertaining.

Our company recently made it to top 100 in fortune 500 list and I was still cursing our fortune to have got such an inept,clueless and comical CEO.Getting back to our bridge scene where everyone eagerly observed trailer being pulled forward after relentless attempt and of course non stop unreasonable chatter by Mr. hotshot.Our kind in-charge was too kind to slap Mr. hotshot.Situation demanded cool head and he kept his head.We all waited in anticipation,soaked in the rains and experienced scary vibrations of the bridge.One by one,both the trailers were moved out of the way.I took a deep breath and thanked Traffic policeman for his heroic deed.

Our kind in-charge informed our CEO about the situation.CEO was ecstatic as he again had to display zero responsibility(his most preferred style of working).This was a night I will remember forever.From the rage of the rains,trembling bridge,outburst of Mr. hotshot and coolness of our cleaner(playing pubg in this situation).Everything was unique,beautiful,ugly,dangerous and comical at the same time.

Truth is stranger than fiction and it indeed was on that night.

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