When a black cat crossed the road


I think there are two kinds of folks in this weird world, one who believes in logic and other who believes in superstitions.While superstitions of various forms are practiced all over the world but the kind of superstitions Indians follow are incredibly weird and hilarious(Pardon me I use the word weird far too often, but I can’t help it, trust me behaviors and traditions are really so weird in India).

A folk born under the influence of Mars(termed as Manglik) is considered inauspicious especially if she is a female(superstitions also has a bias).She is forbidden from marriage as it could lead to the potential death of her husband(How on Earth?).My question is who calculates the influence of Mars on Humans?. Is there a team assigned and what is their methodology?.Why not take Venus and Jupiter effect as well, why this bias towards Mars(Just because they are Neighbours, Not all Neighbours are bad) or maybe because it is believed that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, So only nearest male planet can bring bad luck.Are folks in Northern Hemisphere more susceptible to it than South?.These complicated questions are answered by our highly qualified sacred priests(Pandits: Dressed in designer kurtas nowadays); No more orange monotony, it’s an era of social media, even priests need to look good when they magically calculate your probability of being a Manglik.

Can you tell me which number is more lucky 100 or 101?If you attend marriages in India you would know or if you donate your hard earned money to fancy pandits(priests) you definitely would have got it by now.Yes according to Indian law of luck, adding a sum of one rupee to any even number ending with zero is considered auspicious.Looks complicated than Newton`s third law right.It isn’t.The law is simple, only the explanation is still not found, just as an explanation for the existence of God.So, want to make any event lucky, don’t forget to carry one rupee coin.Maybe, if you by any means know that terror attack is going to take place at a certain place, extra one rupee coins could save lives or maybe you are attending an event at which president is going to be assassinated, Save the President by carrying loads of one rupee coins.Distribute it to the audience to raise the luck percentage.So, what I am saying is extra one rupee coin could potentially save the planet.

Sleeping with your legs facing South is inauspicious in India. You could be in trouble or possibly die if you do so, according to some great Indian geniuses.Now this one is even more hilarious.It clearly requires everyone to have a compass in bed to ensure our legs face North and if you are someone like me who is not very good with directions, you will possibly be killed by the god of death.God of death who made this rule hasn’t given details on this one but just keep your legs away from the south.

People don’t shave, get a haircut or cut their nails on Tuesday or Saturday believing that it will invite bad luck.Now this one is even more difficult to digest.Imagine you have a life-changing interview on Tuesday Morning or Dinner Date on a Saturday Evening.You are in trouble right. You have got to carry your frizzy hair, unshaven look and vampire nails with you to that dream interview or that special date and hope for a miracle.I know this looks crazy because it actually is.

This is a crazy country with many weird superstitions.I wonder how these priests with designer kurtas keep feeding us with a new superstition every day.Rise up, folks.Take a stand.Question everything.Superstitions make us more fearful and stupid.Let’s stand together to eradicate this disease.



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