On seeing as it is

Every day we see the myriad beautiful creation
Yet we fail to see things without perversion
Even your eyes are biased, stuck in a bad addiction
It takes a subtle change in perception, to let go, view a certain way
Maybe on dew-kissed grass, you gaze in infinity as you simply lay
Pay attention, simply observe without label
No pressure to express or slightest unhealthy tension
For what you see keenly with innocence.
Has infinite retention
Yes, look without pretention
No need to record or demonstrate or mention
Let your eyes meet the eyes of the world
You will capture pearls and diamonds and delightful sight
If you simply allow yourself to absorb the infinite
Every day we see mesmerizing magic
Our eyes have turned binary, that’s tragic
Just open up and see real possibilities
Life is more than your ubiquitous frivolities
Gaze with unfound clarity
Your eyes know, no distinction
It’s your mind

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